Brigitta is a Djinn and the main villainess from "Exile on Main Street, Supernatural's sixth season opener.

She was portrayed by Laura Mennell.

Brigitta is the daughter of the Djinn that Sam and Dean encountered and destroyed back in Season Two's "What is and What Should Never Be." After her father's death, Brigitta plotted her revenge by posing as a waitress at a bar near a neigborhood where Dean lived with Lisa; the normal life that he promised Sam would live. After Sam resurfaces from Hell, the brothers work with their maternal grandfather, Samuel, and other family members on a case involving Djinns killing people in Dean's neighborhood. It is during this case that Dean encounters Brigitta, the "waitress" from the bar, who reveals her true Djinn form when tattoos cover her arms. While her henchmen hold Dean captive, the evil Brigitta begins injecting a huge and deadly amount of poison into him. Sam saves Dean in time, and Brigitta is captured by the Campbell's when a sack is placed over her head.

In the episode, "Caged Heat," it is revealed and shown that Brigitta is one of a number of supernatural creatures captured and tormented in Crowley's prison.