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Bridget Erin Hennessey (born in 1986) is the eldest daughter of Paul and Cate Hennessey and is one of the main characters in the 2002-2005 TV show "8 Simple Rules".

She was portrayed by actress Kaley Cuoco.

Though she is beautiful, social and kind to others, she can have negative actions towards people in certain situations, whether it involves family, high school popularity or her love life.


In the episode "Kerry's Big Adventure", she refuses to take Kerry with her to a house party as an act to cheer her up, let alone care about her suffering from her breakups. That is until her dad pays her a large sum of money and acts like nothing's different. However, she abandons both Kerry and her boyfriend Kyle to talk to popular girls from her school and flirt with boys from a collage fraternity.

In part 2 of "Kerry's Big Adventure", she finds out about Kyle abd Kerry's kiss at the party and gives the both of them the cold shoulder, blaming them for her downfall in popularity. Ironically, it was her own fault since she wanted to drive Kyle away so she could flirt with college boys, and this neglect caused Kyle and Kerry to fall for one another. Throughout the episode, she breaks up with Kyle and act negatively towards Kerry until her mother tells her to stop it, reminding her of when she was three and vowed never to talk to her sister because she broke her favorite doll and that vow was baseless for it only lasted three hours before she talked to Kerry again. Bridget says she talked to her sister again only because it was "just a doll", which her mother agrees and tells her, that just like that, she will say that Kyle was just an "old boyfriend" and that will get over him. Cate also reminded her that if she kept up this negativity, she would never have another sister, and this causes Bridget to forgive her sister, through reluctant in the moment.

In the episode "Every Picture Tells a Story", Bridget has been constantly psycho-analyzing Kerry, which annoys her. It isn't until she makes a remark about her mother's lack of beauty and youth does her mother grants Kerry permission to get back at her and by telling Bridget that she has a disorder called Narcissism. This upsets Bridget, prompting her to throw a childish fit and run to her room yelling "Stop it, stop it, why are you doing this to me!", which Kerry replies, "Don't mess with the middle child."

In the two-part Season 2 episode of "Goodbye", when Paul Hennessy died of a heart attack while going to get milk for the family, at the wake Bridget reveals in front of her closest family and friend that her last words to her father before he died were "I hate you".