Briar is a villainess in Fairy Tail. She is a member of Avatar.


Briar is a white-haired tanned woman who uses clone magic in battle.

Like other members she appears in the meeting. Along with Jerome she suspects Gray for being a spy, but stops when Gray tells her his story. When "Operation Purification" starts, she is along the other elite-members, save Gray and Goumon. When she sees Gray taking out some Avatar members she stays calm and orders them to attack. When Jerome takes on Erza, Briar takes on Gray and asks him if his participating was a lie, to which Gray say her it was. Briar then uses her clone magic and also say that she was in love with him. Shortlu after Juvia arrives and takes her "Loving" clone out. Short after Gray freezes the remaining ones.

She is later arrested by the Rune Knight squad led by Gajeel.