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Brian's evil grin

Brian the Scorchio is a red dragon of Neopia who appeared in the virtual game Gormball as an antagonist and sometimes as an protagonist, Brian is not really evil, but he cheated in Gormball game by using a falsifier ball and was disqualified, he wants to become champion. He's a anti-hero when he frowns.


Even he is well, Brian the Scorchio is a cheater who was disqualified for using a tricked Gormball to hit a innocent Neopet in the game, he frowns when he has hatred with his malicious smile he did it in the game, he has a behavior just like Tinky Winky in the Slendytubbies horror game series, he is red with green eyes, he also a yellow belly and red and yellow wings that he can serve to fly.

Playing as Brian the Scorchio

To play as Brian the Scorchio, he will become an protagonist, Brian must avoid the exploding Gormball by waiting the seconds few after, after the computer's player got the Gormball exploded, Brian is the winner if you let him survive from the Gormball.

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