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Brian O'Neil from Mafia II
F**k off fatso! This is our heist! If you wanna get out of here in one piece you better hand over everything you got.
~ Brian O'Neill demanding that Vito and Joe give them everything they have so that his gang can let them leave.

Brian O'Neill is a supporting antagonist in the videogame Mafia II. He is the leader of the Irish-American gang, also known as the Micks. O'Neill is the main antagonist of Chapter 4, Murphy's Law and Chapter 6, Time Well Spent.

Mafia II

He has a particular disliking of Joe Barbaro as evident during a jewelry store robbery in which Vito and Joe, under Henry Tomasino's orders robbed a jewelry store in Empire Bay only to be interrupted by Brian and some of his gang, who were intent on robbing the store themselves. When the police arrived at the Jewelry store, Vito and Joe escaped while Brian got framed for the robbery and was arrested. Later on, when he got arrested for illegal distribution of gas stamps, Vito ended up in the same prison as Brian O'Neill, but almost got beaten up after getting to a brawl with him. It turns out Brian was scheduled to have a fight with Pepe Costa, a Vinci Soldato imprisoned along with Frank Vinci's consigliere Leo Galante, however Brian ordered several of his Irish friends to assault Pepe, so Leo ordered Vito to deal with Brian. Brian ended up being killed by Vito after a rough fight in the prison gym.

6 years after his death, his cousin Mickey Desmond attempts to kill Vito, only to end up being killed himself.

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