Brian Moser a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer is the first main antagonist of the series DEXTER. The dismemberment of his mother right in front of him when he was a child turned him into the infamous Ice Truck Killer. After getting out of an insane asylum, he set out to find his brother Dexter Morgan. He killed a man named Rudy Cooper and took his identity.

He started killing hookers, draining their blood and chopping them into pieces. He started stalking Dexter and putting doll parts related to his crime scenes in Dexter's apartment. He got engaged to Dexter's adoptive sister Debra. When a detective starts to catch on to him he stabs the officer in the back, not fatally. He kidnapped Debra, intending for Dexter and himself to kill her together as some sort of family reunion. After a long conversation, Brian tries to kill Debra and Dexter attacks him. The police show up at the hideout, but Brian is able to escape. He shows up later that night intending to kill Debra, but Dexter drugs him and slits his throat, releasing him. He later appeared as a dark passenger representing his dark side.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Rudy Cooper
  • 4 Nameless Women
  • Sheri Taylor
  • Unknown Victim
  • Joe Driscoll
  • Irma Holt
  • Monique
  • Fred

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