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Brain JeramyGTA
Fuckin' Johnny the rat.
~ Brian Jeremy

Brian Jeremy (1969-2008) is the tertiary antagonist in The Lost and Damned. Due to his behavior and mischief, he was assumed to be the main antagonist, but this was not true, though he was very loyal towards the true main villain.

He was a 39-year old acting-Lieutenant of The Lost MC and was known to be fiercely loyal to the gang's incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. He is apparently displeased with the direction Johnny Klebitz is taking the gang in due to the truce with The Angels of Death. Brian constantly argues with Klebitz over Grey, and always defends Grey, even if he is making the wrong decisions. Johnny also constantly insults him, specifically his combat skills amongst other things. Brian runs back to his safehouse and lets Ray Boccino know of his location, believing him to be on his side, only to have Boccino rat out Brian to Johnny due to his need of the end of the Lost's civil war. Johnny (with the optional assistance from Clay and Terry) attacks Brian's safehouse. When Klebitz has Brian cornered, Klebitz has the option of sparing him or killing him. If spared however, he will later appear as a random encounter and will lead Johnny into a trap. He cannot be spared at that moment and must be killed.


  • Brian is the one of the dumbest characters of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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