Brett Willis was K.C.'s boyfriend and mission partner. He is the son of Zane Willis and works for the Other Side as a training officer.

He is portrayed by Ross Butler.


Zane Willis

Brett's father is Zane Willis, the arch nemesis of the Cooper family. Brett fulfils anything his father requests, even if it goes against what he really wants.

Other Relationships

K.C. Cooper

Brett and K.C. are ordered to work together, and act as a couple for a mission. They become a real couple at the end of Double Crossed Part 1, but evidently break up in Double Crossed Part 2 after he kidnaps her. Despite Brett deceiving K.C. he admits his feelings for her were real.

In Operation: Other Side Part 2, Brett helps K.C. with her mission and her escape from the Other Side. In the same episode K.C persuades him to escape with her and return to the organisation, but he stays behind, admitting he isn't one of those "good guys".

Marisa Miller

Brett and Marisa briefly date in Double Crossed Part 1, until Marisa breaks up with him (through K.C.) so that Brett and K.C. can start dating.


Season 1

  • Double Crossed Part 1
  • Double Crossed Part 2
  • Double Crossed Part 3
  • Operation: Other Side Part 2
  • K.C. and Brett The Final Chapter Part 1
  • K.C. and Brett The Final Chapter Part 2


  • He is K.C.'s first boyfriend.
  • He double crossed the Cooper Family.
  • He is Zane's son but didn't tell anyone or it would blow his cover.
  • He called K.C. babe.
  • Brett made a move on Marisa.