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Brett Shimura is the secondary antagonist in EYES IN THE DARK. He provides the conflict for the drama part of the story.

Brett was the former King Bee who ruled Dougherty Valley High Schoolwith an iron fist and Dougherty Valley's Grade-A Mean Boy, ultimately before his brutal demise.

He is the second victim to die at the hands of The Killer.


Brett proves himself to be highly intelligent and manipulative, motivated by being very mean, and it has reached it's murderous heights. Despite his avid lust to be the most popular and the ruler of Dougherty Valley High School, he takes little interest in his friends, willing to bend the rules and put his own interests above those of his friends.

Brett was a cunning, and somewhat of a narcissistic ruler, with a cultured demeanor and a wry, cynical wit.

However, even with his evil and deceiving ways, he was still very terrified and preferred to run rather than fight, though it showed that Brett had shown to be terribly frightened and panic-stricken during his demise.

Brett is filled with hate and disgust for his friends and most likely everybody against him.

He does not care much about anyone and seems to view them more as pawns to use for his own benefit, which ultimately resulted in his death when he filmed and uploaded a video of Nicole Patterson.

Brett was intolerant of failure, berating his friends for their failure, and betrayed them, for making the mistake of mentioning his plan, of whom Brett was extremely vicious. 

Nevertheless, Brett was very charismatic, able to rally his friends to his cause and inspire fanatical loyalty from Jacob Kyser.

Brett also proved to be extremely sadistic, convincing his own friends that he was responsible for the video of Nicole, and later going on to taunt them that in fact, he himself was responsible for the video, which also led to his demise.

Cold, calculating and cruel, Brett is a proud, devilish King Bee with a hunger for admiration, power, obedience and chivalric honor.

Being the youngest sibling of a triplet, Brett spent a large portion of his life being ignored and verbally abused at the hands of his older siblings, something he reveals to Avery Roberts. The constant belittling, bullying and neglect from his family and peers eventually proved to be the breaking point for Brett and led to his villainous transformation over time; however, on closer examination, there is no evidence as to the extent to Brett’s childhood, meaning that he may have been exaggerating in order to appeal more to Avery.

Though he appears to be noble to the fullest extent, Brett is actually a master manipulator, caring nothing for anyone other than himself. Through his charm and charisma, he is able to fool everyone, as well as the entire school and its teachers, providing excellent proof of his dangerous psychology.

Like many villains, Brett is power-hungry, which means Dougherty Valley High is in order to rule by any means, revealing that his only desire is to become King Bee, prepared to get rid of anyone necessary in anyway he can for his quest for power, making him amongst a complex antagonist.

Brett is exceedingly arrogant, bragging about his plans to Avery when he realizes it's pointless to be her best friend, and threatening Nicole with being charged with treason when he becomes Regent of the school - despite the fact that the Principal has done nothing more than point out Dougherty Valley High's goods are not for Brett to hand out.

It is unclear as to his precise motivation, if it is simple power lust, or if he genuinely craves respect and recognition, which he professes to being denied as a child under the burden of his older siblings. Brett is also verbally abusive as he constantly torments Nicole with precise and cutting words after his dark side is revealed.

Examples of this can be seen when he and Avery are in the library, and Asha Verma constantly taunts Brett. During the confrontation with Avery, Brett decides to further Nicole's suffering by telling her that she gets kicked out of school as a result of her actions.

Brett's most powerful trait is quite possibly his vast intelligence and incredible ability to lie, dissemble and manipulate. He's proven to be quick thinking, resourceful and extremely diligent, being able to fool the entire school without fail, even Sheriff Zimmo, whom Brett holds a disliking to that only seemed to increase throughout his success.

However, unlike many villains, Brett constantly has to change his plot accordingly with the shifting events that take place in the film, without letting loose his villainous nature. At first he merely intends to marry into the crown, but when Nicole's powers of hatred are revealed and Avery leaves, Brett knows he must have one of them embarassed to do so. When Avery is with him that same night, Brett realizes he will not be able to trick Avery any longer since his master plan will work, manipulating the panic situation to order the humiliation of Nicole. But when Nicole finds out and her hatred powers are fully unleashed, Brett is brutally murdered in his home later that night.

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