Brett Ronson III is the main antagonist of the Nicktoons TV series Zevo 3.

After Footsville was destroyed by an outbreak of a mutagenic compound, an industrialist took it upon himself to rebuild the city in his own vision. The residents of New Eden City see Ronson as a philanthropic city-planner, but he is in fact a highly charismatic megalomaniac, obsessed with building the perfect community. His vision of a "perfect community" is clean, without crime, poverty or dissent. To enforce his vision, he controls the police, and maintains an army of troop called "The Brute Squad." Both are equipped with powered armor-suits.

Brett Ronson III (Mutated)

Brett Ronson III (Mutated)

He is also obsessed with eradicating the mutant blight. This is made disturbing because he is a self-loathing, (literal) two-faced mutant. Although they - Brett Ronson and "Mutant-Head" - interact like two people bound to the same body, they are of one mind with a split-personality.