Brendan Nash is ???.

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Brendan had a fear of leaving Smallville High after graduation and wanted everyone important to be with him and because he wasn't accept into any colleges. Brendan forced his father who owned a factory to make a replica of Smallville High's interior inside or he'll turn his wife into a statue. Brendan kidnapped Haley Timmonds, Wendell Johnson, Delia Watkins, Chloe Sullivan, and Lana Lang and placed them in his Smallville High. Brendan kept an eye on them and had them play along like they were in school or he'll turn them into a statue. Clark Kent and Lois Lane came to their resue and managed to stop him. Brendan turned into a statue after trying to turn Clark into one and Brendan then died leaving his waxified victims revived except for the ones he killed.


-Ability to freeze objects


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Brendan was the most likely to "Stay in Smallville forever".
  • He shared a name with a dogged and unflappable left-hander and valuable new addition to the West Indies Test cricket team batting line-up.
  • Before he died, Brendan warned Clark that his loved ones would leave him and his life won't be the way he planned.
  • He might be related to Chad Nash, otherwise known as Adam Knight.