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Brenda St. John

Brenda St. John

Brenda St. John is the mother of Danny and Andrew St. John and the matriarch of the cannibalistic St. John family, who serve as the main antagonists of the second act of the Walking Dead video-game, she was a disturbingly pleasant woman who saw no wrong in her actions and geniunely believed it was acceptable to eat those who were weak and dying so that the "strong" could survive.

Brenda and her family had become so unstable that they even believed serving Lee and the other survivors the legs of Mark, of one of their own injured friends, was a good deed and she was angry when Lee and the others rightfully objected - abducting Kenny's wife and son whilst having her sons lock the other survivors in a room. However, while holding one of Lee's friends hostage, she was caught off guard and bitten by a reanimated Mark, who had succumbed to blood loss and returned as a zombie. In a fitting touch of irony, she not only became more of a cannibal than any of the zombies in the series, but she became a meal to the innocent human being she butchered for her own survival. After the protagonists leave the farm, Brenda, now a walker, is seen coming from her house to join the others in feasting on her sons.

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