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Brenda Bates is main antagonist of the 1998 film Urban Legend . She is a serial killer who sought revenge against Natalie Simon and her friend Michelle Mancini for killing her fiancee in a hit and run.

She was portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart.


Brenda and David were in love and planned to be married however, Brenda's dreams were shattered when David was killed in a hit and run by Natalie Simon and her friend Michelle Mancini which makes urban legend (Brenda's sanity changed her as serial killer). after research the urban legends in college , She track down Michelle and hided in the car when gas attendant notice someone inside it tried warned Michelle but she ignored him and relaxed in the car unaware that Brenda was inside and managed to kill her After decapitating Michelle in the car for stealing American Folklore professor's hood, Brenda disguised herself as student at college and befriended Natalie become her friend who is unaware of Brenda' deception. When prankster Damon Brooks deiced to take care of Natalie who traumatized and grieving for Michelle's death by taking the woods Brenda used mask n strung then hanged Damon by rope and approached Natlie and chased her. Damon's body was discovered in college . Realized murders of her friends resemble urban legend, Natalie went to the library to research and learns about massacre occurred in 1973 when six students were murdered. Brenda killed Natlie's goth roommate whom she posed as boy at dating site


Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Michelle Mancini Beheaded with battle axe while driving car Brenda Bates
Damon Brooks Hung from tree/strangled in rope noose tied to car/dropped on car windshield
Tosh Guaneri Strangled in bedroom, wrists cut (off-screen)
Dean Adams Heel slit with folding knife, run over by car on tire spikes
Paul's Dog Fried in microwave
Parker Riley Head bashed against toilet, funnel shoved down throat/pop rocks/drain cleaner forced down mouth
Radio Man Strangled
Sasha Thomas Hacked twice/beheaded with battle axe
Professor Wexler Impaled repeatedly with folding knife Found dead
Janitor Pickup truck ran off road with jeep/mangled in crash