Breen was a minor villain in the 1996 movie adaptation of The Phantom. He was played by Dane Farwell.


Breen was one of the three treasure hunters helping Quill in Bangalla, along with Morgan and Styles. The four men paid native boy Zak to lead them to a hidden cave in the jungle, where they sought to acquire the first Skull of Touganda. Despite a setback wherein a skeleton came to life and killed Styles, they were successful at acquiring the Skull. Hearing native drums, a nervous Breen and Morgan hurriedly gathered up all the treasure they could carry and left the cave with Quill.

Outside, the three were confronted by the Phantom, riding his white stallion Hero. A terrified Breen shot at the Phantom with a Tommygun, but the Phantom blasted the gun from the mercenary's hands with one of his AMT Hardballer sidearms. Panicking, the three men turned and ran for their truck. As he ran, Breen struggled to unholster his revolver, and fell behind Quill and Morgan. Suddenly he was seized by the collar and lifted up - the Phantom had ridden up behind him as he ran and grabbed him. He threw Breen against a tree trunk, severely injuring him.

Leaving his pet wolf Devil to guard the wounded mercenary, the Phantom rode on. Although Quill escaped with the Skull, the Phantom succeeded in capturing Morgan. Both he and the hurt Breen were turned over to Captain Phillip Horton of the Jungle Patrol and sent to prison.