Bree Nevins

Bree Nevins.

The biggest threat humanity has ever faced is one of our making...self-aware technology: computers control our banks, our airports, our national security, our lives, once they are able to think themselves, they'll use this power to destroy us, unless we fight back, we can unplug the network, we can stop these scientists who invent these machines, we can lead the revolution that can save our species, we are RIFT, this is just the beginning.
~ Bree Nevins, speaking during a R.I.F.T. video message.

Bree Nevins, also simply called Bree, is the radical leader of the dangerous neo-luddite terrorist organization known as the R.I.F.T. (short for "Revolutionary Independence From Technology"), and she is the main antagonist of the 2014 sci-fi film Transcendence.

She is portrayed by Kate Mara.




Her prime motivation is to stop all scientists in the world from creating more networks, and be free from technology at all costs.


  • Although her full name is revealed in the movie, she is simply called Bree which is shown at the film's end credits.