The Breathtaker is the main antagonist of 1995 television movie Black Scorpion and one of the main villains of it's 2001 TV series of the same name.


1995 TV Movie

Breath Taker was once a brilliant surgeon named Noah Goddard . one night a robber had broken in the hospital where had Goddard had worked, a police officer named Stan Walker had attempted to save Goddard, but accidently shot him in the lungs. Goddard had laid in a hospital, unable to breath. Goddard had made a metallic armor suite that allowed him to breath. Goddard becomes obsessed with getting revenge on the cop who had shot him, renaming himself The Breathtaker and uses a inhaling drug to brainwash a D.a. Agent into killing Stan Walker, Goddard becomes obsessed with destroying the city, since he can't breath like normal. Fortunately he is stopped and Killed by Stan Walker's daughter Darcy who has become a vigilante called Black Scorpion.

TV Series

Breath Taker is resurrected by Dr. Phoenix, who believes that he can reform him. Unfortunately Breathtaker decides to pick up where he left off and uses a new drug on a special kind of gas that causes people to halluciate there worst fears. Fortunately Breathtaker is once again stopped by Black Scorpion, but this time Darcy decides not to kill him and turns him over to the police.