Breakneck is the (possible) Main Antagonist of Turbo F.A.S.T. He is voiced by Mark Hammill. He First apperead in the episode Ace of Race where Chet was in a saftey race with Ace Gecko but Breakneck crossed the road in front of Chet. He later supported Turbo showing how fast he is but White Shadow saw him taking bets as the only one betting for Turbo while everyone else betted on Ace Gecko but Ace and Breakneck were working together. Later at the end of the episode Whiplash saw Breakneck and knew that Breakneck was behind all this running off with Ace Gecko.


  • He shares some similarities to Fawful from the Super Mario series.
    • Both begin working with a villain, Ace Gecko for Breakneck, Cackletta for Fawful.
    • Onwards they both take the role of the main antagonists themselves.