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Brazul is the main antagonist of the Kya:The Dark Lineage game.


Brazul was once a normal human called Alan, with a wife, daughter, and step-son. However, he finds his way into Another World, a dimension separate from earth with different fauna and creatures. He doesn't return to his family for years, vanishing without a trace, and it isn't until her late teens/early twenties do Kya and Frank find him again.

While in the world, he has decided to take it over and uses a breed of Wolf-like creatures called Wolfen to do his bidding. However, his daughter finds his way into the world via the same portal he did, teams up with the Nativs and undoes most of the damage he does. Finally, daughter and father fight in the midst of an erupting volcano, Kya able to defeat him.



Brazul was a very calm, smug and conniving villain, however this breaks down in the face of his plans failing.


  • Fireballs
  • Lightning Attack
  • Ground Wave Attack
  • Ice Attack