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Brawshella is the main villain of Blazing Star.

Two planets, Remuria and Mutras, were waging a never-ending war. As the war had gone for so long, it eventually led to the development of dangerous weapons, eventually dewlving into organic and alien technology. From this armament race, Brawshella was born. Gaining sentience, Brawshella assimilated all animal life on both planets, forcing the to attack the humans. Soon, all humans were assimilated as well, bending to Brawshella's will. To his own amusement, Brawshella kept the fighting going on, as these humans had apparently no other purpose than to fight.

Some time later, six human pilots who were assimilated regain their consciouness. though initially in doubt between following Brawshella's orders or rediscover their humanity, they finally break free of his control and turn on against it, deciding to fight to recover their lives and free their planets from Brawshella's control. They fight against Brawshella's forces and succesfully destroy it, freeing the two planets from it's control and finally ending the war.

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