Brass Bishop is a villain who appeared in the Marvel comic series, Alpha Flight.


Many years ago in Spain Benedicto De Vica Severtes served as a bishop, however one day he met a woman called Beatriz who he fell in love with. Benedicto knew God would forbid him from her so he promised his soul to Mephisto in order to have her. Mephisto tricked him and Beatriz became a Nun and was even further from his grasp than before. Having been wronged by God and Devil alike he swore he would not lose his soul for naught. Reading in the pages of apocryphal texts of a brass suit that could conceal the soul of the wearer he set about his task. The suits seams had to be sealed with the blood of an innocent woman and only one woman qualified his beloved Beatriz. Mephisto sent a demon in search of the soul that had vanished. The Brass Bishop removed the demons head and tried to force Mephisto into returning his soul. He was told by Mephisto that he would only return his soul if he exchanged it for that of his lady Beatriz. The Brass Bishop swore he would never exchange her soul for his, however never proved a long time and bereft of sanity the Brass Bishop now seeks to build a tower to heaven to claim Beatriz soul and complete his deal with Mephisto.

Powers / Abilities

The Brass Bishop possesses extensive, though undefined, magical powers. Under uncertain means he decapitated and enslaved the demon Dargil, who consumes the souls of mortals on contact, and these souls serve as a mystic power battery for the Brass Bishop. In addition, the bodies and minds of those whose soul Dargil has consumed are under the Brass Bishop's control. The Bishop's armor provides him with superhuman durability and also renders his soul invisible/undetectable. His staff can generate mystic force fields or project destructive blasts.

The circumstances under which he creates and/or summons the Tower of Babel are unrevealed, though the Tower does enable him to access the Gate of Heaven.

Severtes has an unspecified degree of mystic knowledge.