Braptor (Chima Series)
Braptor is the leader of Bat Tribe in the Legends of Chima, he has not spoken to any, although she whispered to Scorm's ear. He and the others members of Crawlers were born the effect of CHI, and that CHI was Crocodile Tribe which Laval was dropped to Gorge of Eternal Depth, then the Dark Tribes started to steal the all CHI. Braptor's, Scorm's and Spinlyn's started to unite together and crush Laval, Cragger and their friends. But Laval, Cragger and others win the Dark Tribes and part of the Dark Tribes received the killed, but Braptor is probably one survived. And later Ice Hunters froze the others survived Dark Tribes, until Flinx melted the Dark Tribes and the others captured Chima's residents. Flinx melted the ice-floor and Dark Tribes fell and even then not known what happened the Dark Tribes, but Spinlyn rescue some of them.