Brander (Earth-616)
The Brander was a torture expert who worked for the  Nazis during World War II. By the end of 1942 he was working under Gestapo chief Captain von Nuisance. When two men responsible for publishing an underground newspaper were captured, von Nuisance sent them down to the Brander to be tortured so that they would reveal the location of their illegal press -- completely unaware that the press was hidden beneath their very location). When the Destroyer came to rescue the men, he posed as Captain von Nuisance in order to get close enough to them.

When the Brander deduced that "von Nuisance" was an impostor he attacked the Destroyer. Unfortunately, the Brander was no match for the hero and was easily beaten into submission and burned by his own branding iron. The Destroyer and the Branders two prisoners then managed to escape through a secret passage way.

The Branders subsequent activities during the war are unknown.