Brandeau SIV
Brandeau is a former pirate of the Nest of Pirates. He had a close relationship with his friends Edgar and Kika. He rescued Hervey and Sigurd from a surprise attack by the pirate Steele.

During a night attack, on a Rune Cannon reconnaissance mission, Steele was forced to unleash the power of his rune, the Rune of Punishment. This power destroyed him, and was passed on to Brandeau as his parting "gift".

The power of the rune soon drove him away from his friends. Shortly before the Island Liberation War, he led an attack on the knights' envoy from Razril. After being defeated by Lazlo, he attempted to unleash the power of the rune. Everyone was killed but Lazlo, who was able to block the attack. When Commander Glen came to Lazlo's rescue, the rune passed to him, and Brandeau died.