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~ Bram

Bram is a supporting antagonist of the video game Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He is the leader of Jean Descoles henchmen-trio, consisting of him, Ghent & Nordic.


Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy encountered him and his companions in Misthallery after they were ordered to beat them up by Levin Jakes. However, due to Emmys fighting skills, they were easily defeated.

Later, they met him aloney again in the abandoned factory, when they were searching for the specter. After a battle of wits, he let them pass, disappeared and wasn't seen again.

Basic Information


Bram practices his muscles everyday and seems to be a narcissist for admiring them in the mirror every morning. However, intellectually he seems to be rather underexposed.

Powers and Abilities

Due to him being a professional bodybuilder, he is physically very strong. He also has advanced fighting skills.