Brak is one of the main antagonists of the Space Ghost franchise.

He is considered one of the show's main recurring villains along with Moltar & Zorak - however unlike the tyrannical, power-hungry Moltar, and the scheming, malevolent Zorak, Brak is a very goofy, very stupid and a very selfish villain: unfortunately he also seems to hold considerable power despite his idiocy and thus can cause trouble for Space Ghost.

He is a feline alien who along with his brother Sisto are notorious space pirates and foes of the galactic superhero Space Ghost, who often desired to conquer the galaxy. Their only appearances in Space Ghost were the "The Lure", "The Looters" and a six-part special where they were featured as members in the Council of Doom ("The Two Faces of Doom"). He was villainous and amoral and was willing to resort to any underhanded method in order to defeat Space Ghost. He is no stranger to kidnapping and killing, and with his brother Sisto he can be a cunning and dangerous foe. He was also a member of the Council of Doom.

Appearances in other media

Brak has made appearances in parodying spin-offs of Space Ghost, such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, his own show the Brak Show and Cartoon Planet, along with Moltar & Zorak. The Brak in these shows is portrayed as a mindless and childish simpleton with no similarities to the actual Brak or his true villainous nature.