Charles a.k.a. Brainchild is a villain from the animated 1994 series, The Tick. He is a bratty evil genius of 9 years, who uses his colossal intellect to create advanced technology with which to carry out his plans. He works alongside his younger sister Amelia, who appears to be smart, but not a genius, and with a normal emotional maturity for her age. He also has a cybernetic dog named Skippy who used to be a normal dog until he was hit by a car, and Brainchild revived him using technology. Skippy acts as Brainchild's bodygaurd, while Amelia takes on the role of his lab assisstant. Charles has overly permissive parents who allow him to carry out his nefarious plans unfettered, and rarely discipline him.

Acts of Evil

In his premier episode, The Tick vs. Brainchild, Brainchild reveals that he has created a multiphasic cannon which allows him to preform many tasks. He apparenty needs a microwave oven for its components, in order to complete the cannon, or one of his other inventions, and sends Skippy to retrieve it. Skippy and the Tick and Arthur happen to both arrive at the same mega-mart, and attempt to purchase the same microwave oven, the last which the store has in stock. As the Tick and Arthur fight Skippy over the microwave, Brainchild uses a technopathic ray from his cannon, in order to bring all other electronic devices on the shelves to life, and have them fight off the Tick and Arthur, allowing Skippy to escape with the microwave. After defeating the appliances, the two heroes follow Skippy, and are greeted at Brainchild's front porch by his parents.

Brainchild overhears his parents talking to the Tick and Arthur about him from his treehouse lab and prepares to vaporize them, but Amelia refuses to allow him to harm Arthur, because she believes he is dressed like a bunny. The Tick tries to talk sence into Brainchild, but this only annoys him more, and causes him to pull the moon out of orbit and set it on a collision course with Earth. Skippy is sicked on the Tick and Arthur. Brainchild seems to be apathetic to the fact that he too will die in the collision, though it is never actually mentioned. The Tick manages to infiltrate Brainchild's lab, and after much trying, reverse the gravity, sending the moon back into orbit. The force from the sudden reversal causes the treehouse to collapse, almost killing Skippy, but Brainchild manage to salvage his brain.  Brainchild's parents finally decide to punish him by making him pay for the property damage of his collapsed treehouse with future allowance. 

In his second appearence, Brainchild uses a nanny who has been brainwashed in a mech suit to destroy the City. She successfully ruins the superheroe's favorite diner, and then kidnaps the Tick. When Tick discovers who his captor is, he is not impressed until Brainchild uses a DNA changing ray to morph him into a two headed blue bird who can only speak high school level French. He soon calls major super villains to his home to auction the helpless bird Tick off. Meanwhile, Tick's friends stage a plan to rescue him.

Pineapple Pokopo , Chairface Chippendale , the Idea Men , and the Terror all arrive at Brainchild's house to participate in the bidding, as well as Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchine, disguised as psudonymous supervillains the Rake and Buckethead. The two heroes outbid the room full of villains in order to provide a diversion, but are eventually revealed as frauds. American Maid and Arthur manage to break through, and transform the Tick back to normal, but Brainchild immediately attacks him with the nanny mech, and a new, more lethal incarnation of Skippy. The tick manages to destroy the controler which Brainchild used to control the Nanny, breaking his control over her. She dispatches Skippy for the Tick, and the house collapses as Brainchild's parents and Amelia return home. Brainchild's parents are finally forced to admit that their son is not simply acting out in his youth, but is legitimatly evil, and the Tick and friends escort him away to be arrested and sent to juvinille hall.