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The Brainbots are some of Megamind's helpers and supporting protagonists in the film with the same name. They each resemble jellyfish.

Between their special abilities there are light display and flight. When Minion discovered Megamind was in love with Roxanne Ritchi and temporarily left, they would aid Megamind in fighting Tighten (who is far more evil). They would later aid Megamind and Minion in saving Roxanne and Metro City from the threat of Tighten. Near the end of the film they are seen repairing the damages caused in Metro City as ordered by Megamind, who finally revels in becoming a real hero.

They were re-programmed by the Blue Tighten in the DS and PSP version, causing them to turn against their own boss (Megamind). They are playable characters in the Xbox360, PS3, and Wii Version.

Megamind considers himself as his "daddy" to the Brainbots. And, although their relationship with Minion is unknown, it is thought that he was an uncle or maybe a godfather to them.


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