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"Brain" may be referring to two or more different villains. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin.
If you came here from a link, please go back and make the right link for one of the villains listed below.

  • Brain (DC) - Best known from the Teen Titans animated series
  • B.R.A.I.N. - the machine from the movie 9 that is responsible for wiping out humanity
  • Brain (Pinky and Brain) - a super genius lab rat who tries to conquer the world in the Warner Bros. cartoon Pinky and Brain
  • Brain (Skylanders) - An Brain creature who is the last of the Ancients, and helps Kaos with his Mind Magic powers
  • Brain (Kamen Rider Drive) - one of the main villains in Kamen Rider Drive
  • Brainiac - Super genius that is one of Superman's antagonists in the DC comics.
  • Brain Gremlin - the main antagonist of Gremlins 2: the New Batch
  • Brain (Fairy Tail) - the former guild master of Oración Seis, thus the main antagonist of the latter's eponymous arc in the manga/anime series Fairy Tail