Brady Culture is the first villain encountered in the Telltale Sam & Max series. A disgruntled former child star, Culture seeks to brainwash the world into worshipping him.

Culture Shock

Sam and Max find the Soda Poppers brainwashed and under the control of a mysterious individual. Among their various tasks given include vandalizing property with spraypaintings of Culture's image and delivering loads of his "Eye-bo exercise" video tapes in stores. In reality, these video tapes hypnotize and place those hypnotized under Culture's control. He also mentally enthralled the Soda Poppers as revenge for them outdoing his show with their own in the 1970s. Culture accomplished this by luring them into his fake clinic, Brady Culture Home for Child Stars.

Working with hypnotist goggles, Culture manages to hypnotize Sam and kidnap Max when the two get into the Brady Culture Home for Former Child Stars. Sam gets out of the trance and devises an anti-hypnosis helmet from a collander with Bosco and Sybil's help. Countering Culture once more, Sam tricks Culture into commanding the Soda Poppers to attack him.


Max takes Culture's afro literarlly from his scalp as a souvenir of the case. It can be seen in their closet for the rest of Season 1.

The Soda Poppers later mention that they beat Brady Culture to death as the first act on their dark path. This conflicts with newspaper articles suggesting he was only imprisoned. Either way, he died at some point-likely with the beating-and is seen in Hell during What's Up, Beelzebub? working in Hell LLC.