Brad Spoylt

Brad Spoylt

Brad Spoylt is the main antagonist of the animated movie The Chubbchubbs Save Christmas.

He is voiced by Diary of a Wimpy Kid star Zachary Gordon.

The Chubbchubbs Save Christmas

Brad is a mean, spoiled, selfish kid who inflicts pain on others to get what he wants. Even worse, he hacks computers to get Christmas gifts from Santa Clause. As Santa puts it, "He's been messing up Christmas since he was a toddler."

However, a fly manages to escape but Brad squashes it. He tries to hack into Santa's website. Meanwhile, Meeper and the Chubbchubbs arrive to deliver presents. Driven by hunger, the Chubbchubbs devour everything in sight. When one of them burps, Brad believes it's Santa and captures one of the Chubbchubbs to keep for himself. He finally receives his comeuppance when he makes the mistake of stuffing a battery in the Chubbchubb he catches. The Chubbchubb bares his fangs and attacks him. Finally, in front of the crowd, Brad faces defeat when he cries out, "I'll never be bad or greedy ever again!" and Meeper saves his comrade before being congratulated by Santa for saving Christmas.