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Brad Gurdlinger is the hidden main antagonist of the 2013 American comedy movie We're the Millers.

He is portrayed by Ed Helms.


Mr. Gurdlinger is a wealthy drug lord who is David Clark's crooked boss. He forcibly hired David to smuggle marijuana out of Mexico back to Colorado Springs in Colorado, USA by posing as an agent of a notorious Mexican drug lord named Pablo Chacon. In doing so, he stirred the wrath and resentment of said drug lord.

In the end, he is arrested by the DEA because David ratted him out.


  • Brad's actor, Ed Helms, also voiced The Once-Ler in The Lorax in the previous year.
  • Brad is a hidden villain because he seemed like a friendly guy at first, and remained this way even after he turned out to be a backstabbing prick. He is also the hidden main antagonist because he had bigger plans than Chacon and was in fact using David to put Chacon out of business.
  • He is also David's former college roommate. He and David sold pot together from their dorm room, which eventually led them to become drug dealers.
  • Since David did deliver the drugs to Brad's estate, and since Pablo Chacon was defeated, Brad actually did succeed in his goals; he just never got to enjoy it.


Mr. Brad Gurdlinger

Mr. Brad Gurdlinger

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