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Yeah Brad!
~ Brad's signature catchphrase.

Brad Buttowski is the main antagonist of the Disney TV show, Kick Buttowski.


He is Kick's older brother and one of his most common antagonists. He bullies Kick, and is left in charge of him and Brianna when their parents are out. Brad has very poor hygiene, and thinks he is popular (but this is not the case). He is presumably sixteen years old, as he is still taking his driver's test. He mainly tries to ruin Kick's plans and stunts, but on occasion either helps him (willingly or not) or just ignores him.

Most episodes featuring Brad have him in an antagonistic role versus Kick. They fight, usually pretty violently, though they're more destructive to their surroundings rather than each other. In "Tattler's Tale" it's revealed that both Brad and Kick enjoy their fights with each other and will go to great lengths to cover it up from their parents, suggesting they are friendly fights.

In "A Very Buttowski Mother's Day", Brad is convinced that he has "second place" in his mother's heart, and so tries to ruin Kick's present's to get 'first place'.

Brad is usually seen hanging out with his friends Horace and Pansy. They tend to act as his lackies, performing whatever task he asks of them. Why they tolerate this is as of yet unknown.



  • He is very similar to Terrence from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Donnie Turnbull from Robotboy, Lars Rodriguez from Rocket Power, and Francis from Fairly Oddparents.
  • Considering that he still takes his driver's test, his age is most likely between 16 and 18.
  • Because of their last name, he as well as his younger brother, Kick and his younger sister, Brianna could possibly be of Polish descent.

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