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She's stressing me Slug!
~ Bozo.

Bozo is one of the main antagonists in the hit-superhero movie The Toxic Avenger. He was a stressed teenage man who killed people in hit and run kills with his friends.

Role in the film

Bozo is first seen in the hot tub at the Tromaville Health Club with his girlfriend Julie, his friend Slug, and Slug's girlfriend Wanda. They are making fun of the janitor /Melvin Ferd III because of his awkwardness, but then they berate him after he accidentally dumps his mop into the hot tub. Later on they go out in their car one night where it is revealed that they are killers, killing certain people(including children) with their car, they're victim is a young boy who also hit his bike, they notice the boy is still alive and decide to finish him by running over his head. The next day they put a snake in one of the workers backs. Later on they play a prank on Melvin by making him wear a tutu and kissing a sheep in front of the other health club people, who then chase Melvin upstars and he falls out of a window into a vat of toxic wast, becoming the Toxic Avenger. Bozo is later seen when he and Slug are watching a pair of young boys playing in the road, and he starts up his car in order to kill them, but The Toxic Avenger arrives just in time to save the boys. He is later seen when he is waiting for Julie (unkown to him, The Toxic Avenger killed her). He and Slug soon beat up an old woman for her keys and steal the car. While they are talking about the lady they beat, the avenger arrives and jumps on top of the car, he kills Slug b crushing is neck and throwing him our of the car. The Toxic Avenger grabs on a terrified Bozo and tells him that it's really Melvin. Soon Bozo dies when the car drives off a cliff that burns him alive.


Bozo was completely insane, he didn't care for people or anybody and would kill anybody for the fun of it, he was also a xenophope as Julie told him to kill Jewish people, China men, African-Americans, and Mexicans. He also didnt have a clear conscience as he killed children and people for the fun of it.