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Strong you are. But stronger am I! Hurt you, I will! So long, nya!! Part, now, we must! Nya nya NYA!!
~ Bowyer

Bowyer was a villain from the video game Super Mario RPG. He was created by Smithy.

Bowyer shot arrows called Aeros at the inhabitants of Rose Town, but Mario and Mallow made their way through the forest to fight him. Geno, a doll possessed by a star, appeared to fight him, but just as Geno was about to be defeated, Mario stopped Bowyer. Together, Mario, Mallow, and Geno defeated Bowyer, and he was destroyed.

Like most of the other characters, Bowyer appeared in the parade during the credits (though parades during the credits of RPG's are just a way of showing all the characters in it, and should not be considered canon). In the parade, Bowyer, Mack, and Yaridovich were hit by Smithy with a hammer.


Bowyer resembled a giant bow with legs and eyes. Oddly, he wears a resemblance to Bowser.

Fighting style

In battle, Bowyer had the ability to freeze certain buttons, making the player incapable of either fighting normally, using items, or casting magic. Bowyer was also known to shoot arrows at his opponents, as well as cast certain magic spells.

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