Bowletta is the fusion between Bowser's body and the spirit of Cackletta, the evil bean witch. Bowletta has only appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where Mario and Luigi teamed up with Bowser to go to the Beanbean Kingdom. It is the main antagonist for the second part of the game. After Cackletta is beaten at Woohoo Hooniversity by the Mario Bros., Fawful, her assistant, sucks up her soul in his headgear to save her life. After days of searching for a body weakened enough for Cackletta to possess, they find King Bowser, unconscious after having been separated from the Mario Bros. by Popple, the shadow thief. Desperate for anyone to control now, Fawful and Cackletta agree to possess Bowser, and Bowletta is born.

Once in her new body, she discovers that Princess Peach and Queen Bean had anticipated her plan to steal the Beanstar and tricked her. It steals the Koopa Clown Car, the Koopa Cruiser, and finds the Mario Bros. in the Little Fungitown immigrant community with Peach. Since Mario is sick from Bean Fever, and Luigi is out trying to cure him, Bowletta is able to kidnap Peach easily. Upon meeting the shocked Luigi during her escape, it tells him to fix the broken Beanstar and bring it to Joke's End.

Powers and Abilities

Bowletta is a dangerous enemy. It has all the powers of Bowser, including some dark magic of its own- such as the ability to turn into Dark Bowletta and create huge meteor showers. It also has the ability to throw fire like Bowser, throw fire-like enemies called Flarets and is also larger than the original Bowser. More alarming is what it owns- it has control over not only Fawful and her warfare, but all of Bowser's property as well – including his castle, Clown Car, soldiers, and even his Koopalings.