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Bouldergeist is a sub boss from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Bouldergeist is a huge rocky creature made of rocks and matter. He can create rocks from his matter to crush Mario, some are colored yellow that contain coins or black that contain Bomb Boos. To defeat him, Mario will have to spin two Bomb Boos towards him to destroy his rocky armored face and a third to damage him while he is reduced to matter. He will reform, but now with two large rock arms. He can swipe and slam his arms, and even create a rock barrier that Mario can destroy using spins or Bomb Boos. Mario does not have to destroy the arms, but he will have to destroy his face again. Once Bouldergeist's uvula-like core is hit with another Bomb Boo, he explodes and exposes the Power Star.


  • Bouldergeist's name is a combination of "Boulder" and "Poltergeist", basically meaning "Ghost Bolder".

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