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Boudica is the warrior-daughter of King Oswald of Briton and a supporting antagonist in Ryse: Son of Rome, however, unlike Nero and his sons she is an example of a more tragic villain who was driven to extremism in order to avenge the oppression of her people and Commodus' murder of her father (whom he stabbed in front of her eyes during a "peace treaty").

In vengeance Boudica would gather a gigantic army made from the clans and tribes Nero had oppressed, along with many war-elephants and stormed Rome - intent on burning civilization to the ground, which put her at odds with Marius, who although reluctant to kill her was not prepared to allow her to destroy what he viewed as the only hope for Order in a "lawless" world.

During her raid on Rome Boudica would engage Vitallion in battle and killed him, since Vitallion had been a mentor and friend to Marius this awoke a fresh anger in him (having already lost his family to Nero) and thus he fought Boudica and (with remorse) decapitates her, both to avenge Vitallion and to stop her army from burning Rome to the ground.

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