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Boston Rob .

Survivor: Marquesas

During Survivor: Marquesas, Rob Mariano fronted a highly successful opening alliance in his initial Maraamu
tribe. A tribal swap in the fourth episode effectively denied him the control he enjoyed in his old tribe, as he was switched to the "new" Rotu tribe in which he was outnumbered by former Rotu members 5-3. Ultimately he was the first person voted out of the game when the tribes merged in the seventh episode. His original Maraamu tribe was outnumbered by members of the original Rotu tribe 7-3. Since the Rotu tribe thought that Mariano caused too much drama in camp, he was the first Maraamu tribe member targeted. Prior to his elimination, he provided information to Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien about possible betrayal by former members of Rotu who were not switched during the tribal switch

Survivor: All-Stars

During Survivor: All-Stars, Mariano developed an early alliance which eventually developed into a romantic relationship with fellow contestant Amber Brkich. He was able to form a dominant long-term alliance with Rupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis, taking them all the way to the final four. Mariano had dominated this season with the physical challenges and strategic moves. In the Survivor: All-Stars reunion, Jeff Probst called Survivor: All-Stars "Rob's Season".

In the season's premiere episode, Mariano and Brkich agreed to form an alliance, with Rob citing his reasoning as: "She's beautiful; any idiot can see that." The group faced its first Tribal Council in the fourth episode. Mariano and Brkich's relationship was a matter of discussion at the Tribal Council; Brkich claimed that she had come to play Survivor, not "The Dating Game". In the next episode, due to a twist that "absorbed" one of the three tribes, Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham joined the Chapera tribe. Rob and Amber quickly fortified a long-term alliance with the tribe's two new members, one of many of the pair's "agreements". The Chapera tribe then enjoyed a lengthy winning streak, winning immunity the next three times. The group did lose one member, however, when Sue Hawk opted to leave due to an unpleasant encounter with Richard Hatch.

In the season's ninth episode, a tribal shuffle managed to merely make each contestant switch buffs, with the exception of Amber Brkich, who remained on the Chapera tribe with Lex van den Berghe, Shii Ann Huang, JerrI Manthey, and Vavrick-O'Brien. The tribe went on to lose the next challenge and, in one of the season's more infamous moments, Mariano told Lex van den Berghe, " You take care of her, I'll take care of you. If you can, If you can." In perhaps an ironic twist of fate, it came down to Amber and her former Outback ally Jerri at that night's Tribal Council. Van den Berghe was true to his word and Brkich was spared, while Jerri Manthey was eliminated.

In the following episode, the merge occurred, and Mariano voted to eliminate van den Berghe, despite having promised to "take care of him" in return for sparing Amber at the previous Tribal Council. The war between Lex and Rob ended with a famous fight and quote in nomination at Survivor: America's Tribal Council. The quote was, "Make no mistake about it Lex, but the word I gave you was that if I could take care of you I will. I'm sorry, I can not." In the episodes following, Mariano and Brkich managed to maintain several "alliances," including their agreement with Rupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis, an agreement with Tom Buchanan, and an agreement with Alicia Calaway. With all these castaways believing themselves to be safe, Mariano and Brkich proceeded through the game, eventually finding themselves in the final four with Lewis and Boneham.

In the final four, Brkich won her first individual Immunity challenge, and she and Mariano convinced Jenna Lewis to vote out Rupert Boneham, her "ally", rather than forcing a tie. In the final three, Mariano won immunity and chose Brkich to continue with him to the final two. Facing the jury, the couple met much criticism for their aggressive and underhanded gameplay.

In the season finale several months later, the couple was still dating; Brkich was wearing a yellow "I Love Rob" shirt. Just before the votes were read, Mariano proposed to Brkich and she accepted. Moments later, it was revealed that, in a 4–3 decision, Amber Brkich was the Sole Survivor. Mariano had received votes from Jenna Lewis, Rupert Boneham and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien.

Survivor: Redemtion Island

On the January 13, 2011, it was announced that Rob would compete in Survivor: Redemption Island as one of two returning players (along with Russell Hantz). He returned "for one last shot". Rob and Russell had challenged each other during the live finale of Heroes vs. Villains. On Redemption Island, each was deemed the "leader" of a tribe of regular contestants. This made him the first and currently only Survivor contestant to play four times. While Russell's tribe (Zapatera) saw him as a threat, and intentionally lost an immunity challenge in order to vote him out, Rob made various alliances with most members of his tribe (Ometepe) and managed to convince his tribe that his experience was valuable and that he could be loyal. Ultimately, Rob's 6-person alliance from his original tribe remained loyal to one-another and became the final six players remaining in the game. Once the alliance began voting out its own members, Rob managed to remain in the game and won the final immunity challenge, lasting the full 39 days. At the merge, Rob suggested a tribe name of Murlonio, claiming it was Spanish for "from the sea, united"; in private, Rob revealed that the name was, in fact, the name of one of Amber's stuffed animals.

On day 22 of Redemption Island, Rob became the fourth person to play Survivor for 100 days, following Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow, and Rupert Boneham, and ultimately surpassed Parvati for most days survived, with a total of 117. While the jury consisted entirely of former Ometepe members Rob had blindsided and former Zapatera members whose tribe was picked off one-by-one by Rob's alliance, all but one member of the jury chose to vote for Rob as the mastermind behind all of his tribe's moves rather than vote for Phillip Sheppard (who received one vote), who had annoyed and irritated nearly everyone in the game, and Natalie Tenerelli, who was accused by the jury of riding Rob's coattails for the entire game. In the Survivor: Redemption Island Live Reunion Show, Mariano was declared the winner in an 8-1-0 vote, finally winning his first season. Additionally, Rob won the viewer-voted $100,000 Sprint Player of the Season award over Matt Elrod.<null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null><null> </null>