I really, really, really, really, really really, really, really, really, really, really, really... HATE YOU!!!
~ Bossanova to Zer0 before his death.

Bossanova is the main antagonist in Tales from the Borderlands Episode one: Zer0 Sum. He is the bandit king that enjoys dub step and death racing.


Bossanova crashes through Shade's World of Curiosities in a bandit technical accompanied by his clan and chased by Zer0 who has been tasked with retrieving the Gortys project from the warlord. Bossanova steals the hyperion briefcase containing $10,000,000 and then retreats.

He later hosts a death race in his arena, where the last bandit standing would win the briefcase. When Zer0 reappears; he then offers a bounty for the death of the vault hunter.

While Rhys, Fiona and company try to survive the horde of bandits and psychos, Zer0 manages to reach in his elevated announcer box and throws him out and down to the arena floor. The assassin then jumps down and stabs the bandit king in the chest.

Bossanova tries to stall Zer0 as he attempts to drop the announcer box onto of them both. It crushes him but Zer0 had been using a Decepti0n hologram for a while.



  • Bossanova always has Dubstep music playing when he is around.
  • Bossanova is a parody of the bosses from Borderlands one and two.
  • Bossanova has is own theme music called X-rated.


Tales from the Borderlands Bossanova Song04:26

Tales from the Borderlands Bossanova Song

Tales from the Borderlands - Bossanova Zer0 Introduction00:29

Tales from the Borderlands - Bossanova Zer0 Introduction