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is main antagonist and final boss of Rainbow Islands, and an alternate form of Baron von Blubba. The Boss of Dark Shadow takes the form of a giant armored Bubble Dragon. His true form is a giant Baron von Blubba. Abilities: The Boss of Dark Shadow is shown to be able to shoot bubbles, much like other Bubble Dragons. Its bubbles can transform humans into Bubble Dragons. Its second form, the giant Baron von Blubba, can shoot winged versions of the Baron out to attack its foes.

Real Goal Boss of Dark Shadow turn all humans in bubble dragons to make them his servants and rule the world.

Boss of Dark Shadow-1
Baron von Blubba true form


Boss of Dark Shadow secret true final boss and only way to fight him is to gather all big magic jewels, then open three secret islands. On third island he will be.But that is not all, to get good happy ending you must collect three magical mirrors. After you beat Baron von Blubba Bub (main protagonist) uses magic of jewels, mirrors and rod (that you receive after final boss s death) and turn dragons back to humans. 

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