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Boss Willona is the main antagonist of the Boondocks episode "Breaking Grandad". She is the owner of an hair salon and a store.


An uptight businesswoman, she agreed to sell the Freemans' hair gel, which goes well, with Malona and her henchmen selling it. Unfortunately, sales of the gel goes short, due to the fact that it is a explosive, terroristic compound.

She and her henchmen later threatened the Freemans to make more of the gel that they made. Riley gets tied up by the henchmen. Granddad uses the wrong ingredient, making the compound explode. Riley gets untied and the Freemans escape in the RV with gas masks because of a fire caused by a cigarette from the henchman. They wake up and Willona and the henchmen try to hotwiring it, which they all die from the explosion.


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