The Boss Troll in is a stronger variety of the common Troll in the Dragon Quest series. Though a common enemy and boss in the games, its debut in Dragon Quest III was that of a main villain, impersonating the king of Manoza and living its life as a tyrant.

The Hero needs to procure Ra's Mirror from the Manoza Cave, infiltrate into the castle at nighttime, reach his bed chambers and use the artifact for the monster to reveal its true nature. Then, the protagonist needs to defeat the fiend and free Manoza from its grasp, only then will the Hero be able to get back the Mod Rod for the old magician at Hermitage. This monster is known for its high attack power and resistence to elemental spells.

Other appearances

He appears in the Dragon Quest Monsters series like in DQMJ2 as a tough monster, usually one of the hardest to recruit.