Boss Hogg (Sorrell Book)

Sorrell Booke as Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazard TV series.

Jefferson Davis "J.D." Hogg
, better known as "Boss" Hogg, is a fictional character featured in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. He is the greedy, unethical commissioner of Hazzard County. A stereotypical villainous glutton, Boss Hogg always wears an all-white suit with a white cowboy hat and regularly smokes cigars. The role of Boss Hogg was played by Sorrell Booke, who appeared for many years on radio, stage, and film before finding the role that made him a household name. Boss Hogg is one of only two characters to appear in every episode of the TV series, the other being Jesse Duke.

"Boss" Hogg is the wealthiest man in Hazzard County. As his name would imply, Hogg is incredibly greedy. The "Boss" heading is a distant analogy to the corrupt New York City Tammany Hall era policitian Boss Tweed. Creator Gy Waldron said he wanted the character to be the personification of the seven deadly sins]. Boss Hogg would do anything (as did the real life Boss Tweed to get his hands on more money, including executing many nefarious and criminal schemes.