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The Boss Bird (also known as "the Guardian of the Music World") is a villain and a boss in Rayman Origins. He looks like a gigantic bird. He appears in the level 'Hi-Ho Moskito!' as the guard of the entrance to the Desert of Dijiridoos. The heroes must use their mosquitoes to defeat him.


When Rayman, flying on his mosquito, reaches the other side of the mountain, the day slowly turns into the night. Sky is then filled with wooden flying bombs that can be destroyed or sucked by the mosquito. Suddenly, the Boss Bird appears and tries to suck Rayman and his mosquito to swallow them or to suck some bombs to spit at them. The heroes must avoid the Boss Bird's suction and bombs and attack him as often as it is possible. Good way to attack is to suck and throw some flying bombs at him. When the Boss Bird is finally defeated, he deflates like a balloon and falls.


  • He is the biggest bird enemy in the game after the Mocking Bird.
  • He can fly even when he doesn't move his wings.
  • Unlike other villains from the game, he doesn't have Bubos (small bubbles of nightmarish material) as his weakness and doesn't turn back to his earlier version when he is defeated.

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