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The Boss Ant is the leader of the Ant Colony. He is a big insect who is the leader of the ants. He is similar to the Queen Bee. He is an anthropomorphic big ant with wings with a staff and a Viking helmet.


Katy, Kiki, and Koko=

The Boss abuses his ants to get back to work for all the unfinished work by stacking all the seeds. Unlike his workers, he is larger and is given wings. He gets upset about why the ants really did this. This is false, because it was Kiki and Koko. Later, Alien X (who has transformed into an ant) starts to invade the colony. The Boss escorts his workers to find shelter. He is later seen driving out Grako out of his colony by being villainous. After the aliens escaped Earth, the seeds start to tumble a mess. He scolds all the ants to clean up the mess again.

Villainous Deeds

  • He lied to the ants about how they cleaned up the mess. He didn't know they are Kiki and Koko who did that.


  • He is similar to Zizrar from Johnny Test. Both monarchs reform in the good side to fight galactic villains.

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