Boscogn Manga
With their numbers, they can only hold there temporarily. We'll simply march our army squarely into their ranks.
~ Boscogn noticing how thin the Band of the Hawk's lines are at Doldrey.

Boscogn is a minor villain in Berserk and a reknowned warrior from Chuder commanding the Purple Rhino Knights.

He is first lead leading a charge against the forces of Midland outside the Chuder-held castle of Doldrey. When Adon Coborlwitz returns to the castle defeated, Boscogn demotes Adon for his failure. Whilst meeting with his superior Gennon, the Purple Rhino general becomes eager to take on the White Hawk, Griffith. However, Gennon wants Griffith taken alive.

Outside the castle, Boscogn prepares to charge at the Band of the Hawk with the river nearby and no way out. After briefly thinking of the possible connection between Gennon and Griffith, the general spots the Falcons splitting up in two forces. Soon, Guts engages Boscogn in battle with the Purple Rhino Knight knocking off Guts' helmet.

Once the Band of the Hawk stage a fake retreat, Guts and Boscogn fight again leaving the soldiers in awe. But, Boscogn breaks the Raiders Commander's sword and when all seems lost, Nosferatu Zodd throws Guts his own sword. With the cleaver-like blade, Guts uses it to decapitate Boscogn and his horse in one blow.

In the second Golden Age film, Guts instead distracts Boscogn with a broken flag of the Band of the Hawk then cuts off his head.


As a warrior, Boscogn could skillfully use a bardiche axe while mounted.