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Boron is a villain from Metal Heroes.

Les Fortunes created the Astral Ax, the evil counterpart to the Astral Sword, and with it Roboborg's evil counterpart, Boron.

At first Horribelle stole it, because Nukus was the only one to go Mega-formed. She quickly lost it and blamed Les for sneaking out.

Even it's creator, Les, snuck out another time to summon Boron from the Astral Ax. Because of his game, he lost the Astral Ax to Nukus when he failed to say, "simon says" when he ordered Boron to attack Nukus.

The Astral Ax was used mainly by Mega Nukus to summon Boron, simply by shouting out, "Boron, Arise!". A beam would shoot out skyward, and a giant beetle would appear transforming from beetle to robot.

In the battle against Repgillian, the Beetleborgs tricked the Crustaceans into dropping the Astral Ax. It was done by the telekenetic powers of Chromium Gold Beetleborg, then quickly went to the hands of Titanium Silver Beetleborg.

Boron then switched to the sides of good.

He had multiple powers, including Eye Lazers, a sword that could send a energized slash, space flight, and even a questionable immortality.

When ever he got defeated he went into his beetle-form, and returned to his Crystal, within the Astral Ax.

This also happened in at least 2 battles, and even got sent back from the moon, where Roboborg and Boron had defeated each other.

In B-fighter Kabuto he is called "Evil Shell God Kuwaga Titan". His Ax was also called "Geist Ax".