The Borgia Family is the family at the center of the Showtime series The Borgias. Originally known as the Borja family, they were a Catalan family from Valencia in Spain.

By the 1490s Rodrigo Borgia would be the head of the Italian branch of the family. Rodrigo had several children with his mistress Vanozza dei Cattanei. These were Cesare, Juan, Lucrezia, and Gioffre. He later lost interest in Cattanei, and began an affair with Giulia Farnese, a woman young enough to be his daughter.

In 1492 Rodrigo Borgia was elected Pope following the death of Pope Innocent VIII. Taking the name Alexander VI he would start working to solidify his power base in Italy. He would name his son Cesare as one of his new Cardinals, maintaining a family presence in the college.

Juan was murdered by Cesare after Juan's behavior threatened the life of Lucrezia's child. Cesare would be allowed to resign from the Cardinalate after his brother's death.

At last report Alexander was cornering the market on sulfur, compromising the ability of other Italian city-states to manufacture gun powder. Meanwhile Cesare was preparing to assault the Sforza stronghold of Forli.