Borgan is one of the main villains from the JRPG Lunar 2 - he is an obese and wicked sorcerer who created a magnificent flying city with hopes of creating a society similar to that of a fascist dictatorship in which magic users would live in the Neo-Vane and become convinced of their superiority while those with no magic would be condemned to work in slave camps.

Borgan was especially cruel and had children imprisoned and enslaved alongside men and women, entire families were separated under his rule and he tossed any that dared question him in prison : he was also sadistic and often travelled from Neo-Vane in order to taunt those he had enslaved and watch their suffering.

Hated among many Borgan didn't care much and was very much a Dark Lord in his ruling style and his general outlook in life, worse still despite his entire regime mocking and torturing non-magic beings most of his vast magic was stolen via using the power of the Black Dragon Diamonds, which he forced others to mine for him en mass, making him one of the most powerful sorcerers to exist (yet also making him little more than a thief).