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Boremont is the hidden secondary antagonist in Your Highness. He is portrayed by Damian Lewis.
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Boremont is the leader of Fabious' Knights Elite, who all work for Prince Fabious (as the title implies). It is shown that they despise Fabious' brother, Thadeous, and that he was jealous for not being chosen as Fabious' best man. After learning that Leezar kidnapped Belladonna and took her to his tower, the knights accompany the brothers on the quest to find her. However, Boremont and the knights (as well as Fabious' slave Julie) are revealed to have been working with Leezar and suddenly turn on the brothers. In the climax of the film, while Boremont is dueling Fabious, he reveals his unrequited feelings for the latter (implying that he is gay), but ends up being killed anyway.

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